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Craft Beer

We are a leading supplier of raw materials and equipment for the brewing industry and tap rooms. We specialize in hops from America, Europe, New Zealand and Argentina. Besides that, in our portfolio you will find malts and liquid yeast.

Raw Material

Farm Fresh HOPS

Lupuleras ACS

American Craft Solutions ships hops globally and partners with breweries of all sizes, offering unique hop varieties and innovative hop products designed to enhance flavor, aroma, consistency, and flexibility for brewing and beyond.

  • Only the freshest and best-quality hops.
  • Innovation. We want to bring you the fashionable hops and the latest trends.
  • Diversity. We have hops to offer you from all regions of the world.



Great Western Malt

Founded in 1934, Great Western Malting Co. is the oldest malting company in the western United States, operating malt plants in Vancouver, Washington, and Pocatello, Idaho.

Canada ACS

Canada Malting

The largest malt company in Canada, producing approximately 400,000 metric tonnes of malt per year for brewers and distillers around the world—from the largest of multinational organizations to the smallest of craft brewers—as well as for food processors..

Bairds ACS

Bairds Malt

Bairds Malt can be traced back to 1823 when Hugh Baird Senior, together with his brother Frank, founded his first brewery, Great Canal Brewery in Glasgow. Bairds Malt hold a proud record of establishing the most recent malting plant investments in the UK. In 2010, a new state of the art 57,000mt malting plant was added to Arbroath Maltings which was the first new malthouse to be built in Scotland for over a quarter of a century. .

Holland Malt ACS

Holland Malt

Holland Malt is an independent and family owned maltings with a long and rich history. Producing brewers’ and distillers’ malts for over 100 years with increasing success, always focusing on high quality malts. Today they export their products to more than 50 countries on all continents. Holland Malt offers a wide range of high quality malts and outstanding service.

Your Next Step

wl ACS

Brew beer like a pro. For over 25 years, White Labs has been committed to furthering the art of fermentation by making fresh, pure liquid yeast more accessible to the brewing, winemaking, distilling, cider making, kombucha and fermentation industries.

  • No Surprises

    The yeasts fly to their destination with an ad-hoc cooling system, which guarantees excellent viability. (+ 95%).
  • Variety

    More than 64 varieties in permanent stock that allow you to differentiate yourself and find the ideal yeast for each style.
  • Low Cost

    Greater number of reuses with less risk, significantly reducing costs per batch.